White House must be close to dropping bombshell on Democrats

So the leak of President Trump and his lawyer Michael Cohen in conversations hit the media Tuesday on CNN.

These tapes were secured by the FBI during a raid on Cohen’s office. The latest leak of the 12 audio tapes has allegedly Trump and Cohen talking in 2016 about how to buy Playboy Playmate Karen McDougal’s story through American Media’s David Pecker for $150,000 to kill the story. America Media publishes the National Enquirer among other magazines.

Here’s my question? How did CNN get this copy of the tapes?

If they were in the hands of Special Council Robert Mueller and Asst Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, then how did they wind up on Chris Cuomo’s show?

Could it be that there is a huge question about the admissibility of these tapes in court due to attorney/client privilege, so why not just leak it out to do damage, since no court will allow you to bring it into evidence?

As I wrote extensively on Monday, Mueller and Rosenstein have a long history of questionable legal actions when doing investigations of a political nature.

As the saying goes: You only take flack when you are over the target. So the level of vitriol being thrown at the president by left-leaning media tells me that the Trump Administration already has the bomb-bay doors open and is about to drop its first payload on the Democrats.

Time will tell.