White House must be close to dropping bombshell on Democrats

So the leak of President Trump and his lawyer Michael Cohen in conversations hit the media Tuesday on CNN.

These tapes were secured by the FBI during a raid on Cohen’s office. The latest leak of the 12 audio tapes has allegedly Trump and Cohen talking in 2016 about how to buy Playboy Playmate Karen McDougal’s story through American Media’s David Pecker for $150,000 to kill the story. America Media publishes the National Enquirer among other magazines.

Here’s my question? How did CNN get this copy of the tapes?

If they were in the hands of Special Council Robert Mueller and Asst Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, then how did they wind up on Chris Cuomo’s show?

Could it be that there is a huge question about the admissibility of these tapes in court due to attorney/client privilege, so why not just leak it out to do damage, since no court will allow you to bring it into evidence?

As I wrote extensively on Monday, Mueller and Rosenstein have a long history of questionable legal actions when doing investigations of a political nature.

As the saying goes: You only take flack when you are over the target. So the level of vitriol being thrown at the president by left-leaning media tells me that the Trump Administration already has the bomb-bay doors open and is about to drop its first payload on the Democrats.

Time will tell.


Comey, Rosenstein, Mueller keeping America unsafe since 2001

As the Department of Justice, FBI and Special Council are investigating the 2016 presidential election, the Russian influence as well as President Trump, the principals behind these probes have plenty of experience working with each other without ever bringing charges.

Beginning in 2001 a grand jury was impaneled to look into the Clinton Foundation and its declarations of donations when it comes to IRS filings.

In 2001, former DOJ staff attorney Lois Lerner was named chief of the IRS charitably ruling and exemption unit.

In 2002 James Comey was tapped to head the investigation into the Clinton Foundation.

Also now-Assistant Attorney General of the United States, Rod Rosenstein was in charge of the DoJ’s Tax Division from 2001 to 2005 and Robert Mueller was the head of the FBI.

So now you have all the players in the current probe got the band back together in 2017 from 2002.

There was a mini-reunion in 2009 when Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State and approved the sale of 20% of our Uranium to Russia.

Robert Mueller — still leading the FBI — is sent to Russia in 2009 with a sample of the uranium under the guise of allowing Russians to test the purity of the element in an alleged criminal case.

A FBI mole inside the Clinton Foundation reports back to Mueller & Co that President Clinton received $500,000 for a speaking fee in Moscow just prior to State Department’s approval of the Uranium sale. The former president also met with President Putin for several hours while there.

So the FBI refers the case to the DOJ’s US Attorney’s Office in Maryland, which is head up by Rod Rosenstein. The mole in the case has a gag order place on the information he has provided and nothing further is pursued in the Uranium 1 case.

In 2012, Lois Lerner — still at the IRS overseeing charitable trusts and foundations — loses many emails related to the granting of tax-exempt status for conservative groups in the run up to the presidential election. She also had a dummy email address named after her dog.

The FBI under Comey wrote of the case: found “substantial evidence of mismanagement, poor judgment and institutional inertia” but “found no evidence that any IRS official acted based on political, discriminatory, corrupt, or other inappropriate motives that would support a criminal prosecution.”

So that brings us to the present and the Russia hacking the 2016 presidential election.

FBI Director James Comey is fired by President Trump in May 2017 — probably knowing the history that I am laying here — after it’s discovered he was drafting an exoneration letter for presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s  private email server containing classified information before a grand jury was impaneled or subjects were questioned.

Rod Rosenstein becomes becomes Asst. Attorney General and leads the efforts after AG Jeff Sessions recuses himself from the Russian probe. Rosenstein taps old buddy Mueller as special counsel for the Russia probe.

So there you have it. Since 2001 these men have been working so closely together in what appears to be a concerted effort to keep prying eyes away from the Clintons and there assorted alleged crimes and misdemeanors.

Mr. Putin goes to Washington

Well the Trump treason charges by those on the left have died back to a murmur as the President offered an invitation to President Putin to come to Washington on the eve of the midterm elections in November.

Why is this significant? Well the meeting between the two leaders this week may have set up a dialog between the two countries on what they know about this “Russian collusion” fable.

If you look at the Trump/Putin press conference after their one-on-one meeting, then you see Putin offering Special Counsel Robert Mueller access to question the 11 Russians he indicted.Knowing of course that the indictments were a straw man move by Mueller.

There was also discussions about allowing Russia investigators to question U.S. ambassador to Moscow Michael McFaul and financier Bill Browder. The mere discussion of allowing Russia to question an American diplomat in a criminal investigation was a shot at the Obama administration and Clinton campaign. It will not happen but the threat or mere talk of it has the left quieting their treason rhetoric.

Putin also spoke of billionaire and Democratic supporter George Soros in not so glowing terms.

These comments put the”New World Order” globalists on notice that these two men are looking to put an end to this agenda. To out the hundreds of globalist players as frauds and much more heinous actors.

The Putin DC meeting in October may be the grand finale of a highly newsworthy late summer/early fall fireworks show that will may make the midterm elections almost a non-event for Democrats when all is said and done.



Putin and Trump both know who the real villains are

What can we take away from the joint press conference between Presidents Trump and Putin Monday in Helsinki?

Trump knows from the unredacted DOJ Inspector General’s report that Russia played no part in the throwing of the 2016 presidential election. Despite the hollering from the left and some right-wing Fox TV commentators, that he sold out the US intelligence, both presidents know exactly who was involved in the “conspiracy” to blame the Russians.

You can be sure that the Russians know what it is in the DOJ IG’s report. Not from Trump, but from their own spy network.

Don’t be surprised if Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s recent Russian indictments turn out to be working with Democratic operatives or more probable never see the light of an US court room. Why would Putin offer Mueller the opportunity to come to Russia and see their investigation into the operatives? They know the truth.

I have been told that the Trump has signed an executive order to declassify the IG’s report so that all can see what it contains, however with the information being so damning that may not occur until after say Labor Day to have an impact for the run up to the 2018 Congressional races.

As I have written earlier the explosive report will outline the quid pro quo between the Obama White House and the Clinton campaign on the cover up of the email server. This involves the infamous Phoenix tarmac meeting between former President Clinton and Attorney General Loretta Lynch with a phone pick up from the Oval Office.

The whole event was captured by the Secret Service and NSA and is said to be transcribed in the report.

Look for United States Attorney John Huber to be bringing charges against all these individuals after Labor Day as well.

I think the richest rhetoric from yesterday was ex-CIA Director John Brennan’s tweet on Trump’s performance.

Donald Trump’s press conference performance in Helsinki rises to & exceeds the threshold of “high crimes & misdemeanors.” It was nothing short of treasonous. Not only were Trump’s comments imbecilic, he is wholly in the pocket of Putin. Republican Patriots: Where are you???

Brennan knows his days of being able to walk freely are numbered and his feeble attempt to rally Republicans back to the Cold War days really rings hallow. Brennan and John Clapper Former United States Director of National Intelligence will feel the sting of Huber’s indictments.

All in all I believe President Trump had a great trip abroad. He’s telling the world that America comes first with his administration. He’s righting a 30-year wrong of “allies” taking advantage of America to the point that our citizens are hurting while the rest of the world benefits from a forced global outlook.

The pendulum is finally swinging in the direction of the US and for that I am grateful.

Hey De Niro, I’m talking to you

Actor Robert De Niro came on stage at Radio City Sunday night at the Tony Awards to introduce Bruce Springsteen, but appeared to have a nervous breakdown in the midst of his two-minute stint.

De Niro came out and said, “It’s no longer Dump Trump, It’s F*@k Trump.”

The predominantly liberal Broadway community cheered and stood for this vicious attack. All this while the President is traveling to Asia to sign a historic agreement to end hostilities with North Korea.

I’ve been thinking what would cause De Niro’s tirade? Cheap applause and standing ovation? No something deeper has affected the actor’s psyche.

What the Trump administration has brought about has rocked De Niro’s world.

The President beat De Niro’s candidate Hillary Clinton, which probably costs him some money and some funding for the actor’s “pet projects”. Friend and fellow New Yorker Harvey Weinstein’s downfall and prosecution came about under Trump’s DOJ  prosecutors. Something that probably may not of happen to the same degree under a Clinton White House.

Also De Niro’s Robert Mueller character on Saturday Night Live may be short-lived as the soon-to-be-released DOJ investigation of the FBI under Mueller and James Comey shows highly unethical behavior by the nation’s chief law enforcement’s top brass.

So what separates De Niro’s outburst from the guy with a placard outside Penn Station saying the same thing? I’m afraid very little even down to the flexing of the arms to punctuate his ranting.

But at least the guy at Penn brought props.