Focus on Hunter’s laptop messages and emails, not the porn

Has the Hunter Biden laptop scandal taken its toll on the Biden/Harris campaign?

The Democratic nominee has reportedly locked down his campaign eight days before the election. Joe Biden has put the lid on all media contacts until Election Day as a result of the laptop revelations.

I do not want to talk about what porn is on Hunter’s laptop. He suffers from a disease called drug addiction and I pray he finds a cure for that. No, I am solely focused on the revelations on the laptop that Joe Biden was cut in on Hunter’s deals with communist Chinese companies.

This fact makes Joe Biden a national security risk. Case closed. 

How can anyone vote for a president, who can be impeached and convicted on January 22, 2021?

Early voting began in New York over the weekend and the lines were hours long.

Throughout New York City voters have queued up in record numbers, according to the Board of Elections.

There are currently only 88 polling places in the city, according to the BOE, which needs to be expanded to ease the wait for voters.