NYPD Commish has cops back, perhaps

Let’s be thankful that Police Commissioner Keechant Sewell is moving past the Bill de Blasio days of beating up NYPD personnel over petty infractions.

The commish in an internal memo announced that in at least 72 cases she’d reduced or dismissed penalties recommended by department “judges” or (more often) by the Civilian Complaint Review Board (CCRB).

Under de Blasio the CCRB is widely seen as institutionally very much influenced by cop-hating “advocates,” who would disciple NYPD officers for 10 days for not giving out a business card.

The commissioner did signal that discipline would be reduced in connection to the Right to Know Act, which requires officers to provide business cards to the public upon request. Under the current guidelines, cops can face up to 10 days of discipline for flouting the city law.

“I do not want officers to feel that they have been treated unjustly, but rather motivated women and men who are enthusiastic members of the service who collaborate effectively with community residents,” she wrote.

No Sewell is not going soft of NYPD personnel she is merely attempting to level the playing field.

“Members of the service who engage in misconduct make all of your jobs much more difficult,” she noted. “Make no mistake, I will not hesitate to take appropriate disciplinary action against those who engage in misconduct of any nature.”

Absolutley it is her job to hold cops accountable — and also to stand up for those who’d otherwise be treated unfairly.

The commissioner is acknowledging that NYPD officers are not guilty just because someone accuses them of something, which was the way under the de Blasio CCRB.