“Treason, treason, it’s treason,” Trump on Obamagate

Using the strongest language to date President Trump on Monday said “Treason, treason, it’s treason,” when speaking about the Obama White House spying on his campaign.

I said from the start “they’d been spying on my campaign,” Trump told David Brody of CBN News. “Turned out I was right. Let’s see what happens to them now.” (See tweet below).

The President said he was looking forward to US Attorney John Durham’s upcoming indictments of Obama-era officials, but stated he has not met Durham and has stayed out of the fray so it does not look political.

Attorney General Bill Barr stated last month that at that time there was no evidence to suggest indictments were coming for Obama or then-Veep Joe Biden.

Trump perhaps tipped his hand by concluding that if the table was flipped and Hillary Clinton had won then 25 people would have been locked up for 50 years already.