Here is the real Jeffery Epstein in a victim’s words. Warning graphic


The idea that the media portrays child sex trafficker Jeffery Epstein as only asking teenage girls to give him a massage while he wore a towel was blown away yesterday when I witnessed the testimony of a young woman.

The brutal, horrific acts of mental, physical violence and mind control that this woman — now in her early 30’s — went through at the hands of her parents and Epstein sent me into rage.

Don’t let what Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell did be portrayed as a modern day “Lolita”. What these two are capable of ranges from childhood mind control to beastality to demonic sacrificing of children. How Maxwell roams the streets free is beyond explanation.

What follows is her story.

This brave woman explained how she was turned over to Epstein when she was 5-years old by her ultra-rich bold-face named parents for additional satanic-based ritual programming. Her parents also trafficked her both before and after being with Epstein to the other elite families with names we would know.

She was mentally and physically tortured and locked into cages on what she believes was Pedo Island in the Virgin Islands and Palm Beach. She was told that babies, which were in other cages, would die if she did not comply with the sadistic Epstein. She was shown babies in jars to re-enforce her programming.

She was called a mutt since her pedigree was not up to Epstein’s DNA and forced to be with a dog with the promise that maybe one day she could be with him. At 5 years old this was occurring with the parents consent.

How well-trained the young children were was a badge of honor to the perverts that would often come down to the dungeon or to a warehouse to see the children and babies in the cages. Some adults would pick a child. Enough said.

She was called fat and ugly by Epstein as part of her programming. “If you were pretty, then you could be my girlfriend,” he would tell her.

Unfortunately or by design she was too young to identify any of the pedophiles she was ordered to be with. Although she has very bad reactions when photos of people she doesn’t even know show up in newspapers and TV.

It’s an horrific life experience for this woman that continues almost daily. However, after many years of therapy she has finally come to the realization that she is not wicked or evil, but the people like Epstein, Maxwell and all the visitors to the cages are the satanic evil monsters who should be exposed.

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