Gov’s quid pro Cuo on pardons

Today’s question of the day is: Will lame duck Governor Andrew Cuomo set up a pocket pardon for himself while still in office?

I do not believe that is possible, but I don’t even play a lawyer on TV, so I leave that to others.

However the embattled Cuomo did pardon 10 felons on Tuesday including three convicted in killings including one man who killed a retired police officer.

“Today I’m proud to help fulfill government’s unique responsibility to harness the power of redemption, encourage those who have made mistakes to engage in meaningful rehabilitation, and empower everyone to work toward a better future for themselves and their families.”

New York Republicans were quick to point out Cuomo’s faults when it comes to soaring crime in the city and state.

“Disgraced Governor Cuomo’s bail reform policy has ravaged our streets and violent crime is skyrocketing all over New York. Now, he is pardoning murderers and violent criminals,” Rep. Elise Stefanik, the House Republican chairwoman said of the news.

“Cuomo has been responsible for multiple cop killers, murderers and rapists being released over his tenure,” Republican Congresswoman Nicole Malliotakis told reporters.

“Between his hand-picked parole board and botched bail law, his legacy will be a soaring crime rate and driving New Yorkers to lower taxed, more safe states. I guess it’s only appropriate that his reign end with the same disgrace it began with,” Malliotakis added.

Cuomo is scheduled to step down next week, but who knows what he has up his sleeve before he exits the Executive Mansion in Albany.