New York City might as well be CHAZ

New York City is lost.

Mayor Bill de Blasio has lost control.

Retailers have not taken down the plywood covering their Manhattan stores. There is no reason to since the city will never be what it once was.

The Covid-19 shutdown and the burning and looting of Black Lives Matter riots have told people who once worked in Manhattan that government cannot save you.

These office jobs, which can be done remotely now, may never come back to Midtown. Fear and loathing of the Democrat’s indifference to the rioting and the lack of rule of law have terrified employees to coming back.

Thousands of businesses and millions of people in the outer boroughs have found work arounds to the shutdown. New Yorkers are nothing if not resourceful.

The local barbers, restaurants and bars are now operating at their best in defiance of this faux lock down. They see a mayor and governor who state that riots are OK, but going to the beach is not.

The longer Governor Andrew Cuomo and de Blasio think they are in control the further away Manhattan is to coming back from oblivion.

Most Manhattanites are not New Yorkers at heart. They lived there for convenience and are not born and raised. They have no allegiance and have already left the city. Whether they were kids going back home or billionaires heading to second homes, they have little reason to return anytime soon.

The neutering of the police department will only hold back people’s thoughts of coming back to Manhattan to work or live. Lawlessness appears to be winning on a daily basis.

I believe this could only be part of the plan to keep New York in a lock down until the November election. This appears to be a fact that Cuomo will not tell the citizens during his daily pep rally.

As the song says: It’s up to you New York, New York, many will try to make it elsewhere.