A new Civil War on the horizon.

How far are we from a civil war?

I think we are closer then many people believe.

The divide between the Democrats and Republican is enough right now. But the leftist supporters coming off of the recent Supreme Court rulings on Roe v. Wade and NYS gun laws have further bifurcated the country.

Look at the latest news of politicians being threaten here in the U.S. and others being thrown or forced out of government.

A suspect was arrested over the weekend for threatening Gov. Kathy Hochul and another man was taken into custody for wanting to kill Sen. Ted Cruz. Its bi-partisan.

Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh and his family being hunted down by pro-abortion zealots also shows how far we have moved towards armed unrest.

There is no telling how quickly this could accelerate after the Nov. midterm elections, should the Republicans take over both chambers of Congress. Progressives could take the fight to the streets as a means to extract their dissatisfaction.

This will not be a Blue vs. Grey battle or a North vs. South. No this will be a Blue vs. Red state with battle lines being drawn between Blue cities and Red suburbs.

Here is the saddest part of this narrative. There is no one in The White House of Washington D.C. in general that can stop this from happening.