Must be too warm for Pussyhats to take on Hollyweird

I was talking to one of my columnist at The Post Thursday, and he pointed out the hypocrisy of The Left when it comes to Hollyweird.

So it being a Friday in August, I figure I could rift on this.

Remember the Pussyhats that gathered in large Democratic controlled cities in January of 2017 to protest President Trump’s soon to be inauguration? Where are they now that we know many of the Hollywood execs trashed the Women’s Movement on a daily basis.

You have Hollywood execs Harvey Weinsten  and CBS Chairman and CEO Les Moonves accused by multiple women of lewd acts by these men in order for these woman to get work. You have actress Allison Mack trafficking women in a sex slave cult, and yet all is well for the women on the Left as far as that goes.

Does anyone see huge crowds outside CBS headquarters in Midtown Manhattan, suggesting a boycott of their sponsors? No, in fact there are more people in front of Trump’s office down the block on 5th Ave.

While the charges against Weinsten and Moonves are only allegations at this point the same could be said about President Trump. Yet the Left’s outrage over Hillary Clinton losing was the torch that lit the fuse, under the guise of Women’s Rights.

However all you have to do is scratch the surface of Hillary Clinton’s life to find she has often surrounded herself with sexual predators

  1.  She married a sexual predator
  2. Her chief of staff Huma Abedin married a convicted predator and alleged pedophile in Anthony Weiner
  3. Weinstein was a major contributor to her campaigns and her neighbor in The Hamptons.

So I understand it may be a little warm outside for the women to put on their Pussyhats and take to the streets to protest Hollyweird’s mistreatment of women, but let’s be honest. It was never about Women’s Rights and sexual harassment, it was all about their team losing and they needed to vent their frustrations.


Will Les Moonves take nuclear option against Sumner Redstone

It’s pretty clear to me that CBS chief Les Moonves will not survive August in his position.

Moonves is facing 6 women all alleging they were the victims of sexual harassment or worse. The board of directors has hired an outside law firm to investigate the charges and to report back as soon as possible.

So where does this put the lawsuit between CBS and Viacom. Moonves has been fighting Sumner Redstone and his daughter Shari over a proposed merger between the two. The Redstones are majority shareholders in both companies through the ownership of a firm called National Amusements.

The rumor is that the Redstones — wanting to merge the two firms again, while Moonves fought them at each step in the process — were behind the outing of dirt on the CBS chief to thwart the lawsuit.

Moonves for his part does not have a strong C-Suite bench at CBS — whether by design or not — so the board is sticking with him for the time being.

Before Labor Day, Moonves will be out at CBS and the lawsuit over the proposed merger will be dropped. So who benefits from the leaking of the sexual harassment charges?

The wild card in this whole affair is Nickelodeon. As the Street hears it, the Mooves team may go on the offensive with allegations of wrong doing on the children’s network owned by the Redstones and some independent executive producers.

I would think this nuclear option would have to be deployed very soon if Moonves wants any chance of sticking around. Or is he is using it to negotiate a better exit package?

My thoughts on Q-Anon and Golden Globes

While I was off last week on vacation, I took to researching Q-Anon, which is a handle for a perceived Trump Administration insider posting on the 4Chan and 8Chan bulletin chat boards.

It appears to many aware of this account that it comes from individual(s) close to the White House because of verified photos posted that were taken on board Air Force 1.

There are many — call them hits — that have been cryptic mentions on these bulletin boards under the name Q-Anon, which is the nomenclature of the site, that have come to be in the following weeks after posting, including the writing about the presidential order last month on cracking down on human trafficking by going after the money behind it.

I’m still not so sure about this, but there are many followers who are deciphering every detail of the posts to gleam a look into the immediate future.

That being said the latest posts appear to have the Clinton’s and Huma Abedin being probed in a new investigation over the foundation. As well as some news regarding the recent California wildfires in both the San Fransisco Bay area and Los Angeles area.

Not sure if anything will come of these posts, but if recent history is a guide, we could see more headlines coming up.

Reading accounts of Sunday night’s Golden Globe awards (because I could never bring myself to watch), I could not get past the irony of the whole night.

While last year’s event was all about bashing President-elect Trump and how they had to band together to battle the incoming administration.

Well this year’s event — marked by most actors and actresses wearing black —  was to protest the pervasive acts of sexual harassment within Hollywood.

However, who were the perpetrators of these horrendous acts? Hollywood’s biggest Democratic supports.

These actresses saw the enemy and it is them and for many they remained quiet for years because of the culture that perpetrated sex, silence and obedience to the Democratic party in order to work.

So now, the women of Hollywood have banded together to enforce change. I hope it goes well, but perhaps they should look to the allegiances with their political party that allowed this to go on for so long and did nothing but take their money.

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