Hey, Mr. President can you help the other fellow Americans down on their luck

As I see it much of the federal government’s aid to help Americans “who had nothing to do with this virus” is falling through the cracks of incompetence.

  • Thousands of US small businesses are being told by their banks that the federal loan program to help them keep workers employed are still being worked on, while you hear Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin say the program is a success.
  • Thousand of New Yorkers have been desperately trying to get through to the NY State Department of Labor to file a claim. On Facebook you can read their fears of people reporting that they have called as much asĀ  500-1,000 times and either get a busy signal or disconnection.
  • Governor Andrew Cuomo’s aide gave an 18-second response on Tuesday to a matter that affects more New Yorkers than any other problem. She stated that they had partnered with telecommunication companies to handle the load and it would take a couple of days to work it out. Not good enough.
  • Government checks are said to be arriving for some Americans, but according to the latest information those monies will be available between now and July depending on need. This goes against the rhetoric we are hearing about putting money right now into the hands of Americans who are suffering from the Covid-19 pandemic through no fault of their own.

We all sit in our homes isolated from most contacts hearing how deaths are adding up, but the government says it is here to help us in our time of need. Well that need is now.

Understanding of course that this is an unprecedented event with no playbook to reference, but the American people need more than persuasion at this point that things will be fine.

Action speaks louder than words and both the federal and state governments are not doing right by its people.

Promises were made, promises should be kept on an expedicted basis.

I’m sure that the Wall Street banks, who were given more than $4 trillion in funds, did not have to jump through this many hoops for their bailout.

Enough with the painfully detailed talk of the number of ventilators and masks with no reference to what those numbers actually mean. It’s time to explain to Americans what they should expect and when.

There are 400,000 Americans infected Covid-19 cases. my prayers go out to them. However there are more than 230 million Americans affected by this pandemic, all of who need answers as well.