Trump is now the world’s central banker, not the Fed

Why nationalize the US banks when you can just nationalize the Federal Reserve?

That’s in essence what the White House did Friday by putting the Fed under Treasury Department supervision.

But it does not stop there. President Trump is now the world’s banker as he takes control of the Fed’s balance sheet folding it into Treasury’s Exchange Stabilization Fund, which will now contain the International Monetary Fund’s Special Drawing Rights.

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin now will be the 800-lbs gorilla in all debt markets, not just the Treasury market. Commercial Paper, Asset-back securities, corporate bonds and bond ETFs and small business loans are just a few of the markets the administration will be securing through the Exchange Stabilization Fund.

Blackrock will be the firm executing all these trades using the Fed’s balance sheet but employing Treasury’s new special purchase vehicles to lawfully prop up these flagging markets.

Is this the first step towards ending the Federal Reserve? Unknowable right now, but should this operation last through the end of the year, the Treasury Department will control the majority of US and corporate debt markets directly.