Epstein, Maxwell were the spies who shagged us

Once again we have screaming headlines about the hundreds of names of clients that could be released by the judge in the Jeffery Epstein case.

The singular focus on bold-face names of celebrities and politicians has the tabloids on both sides of the Atlantic all atwitter.

What many still don’t get — because it’s not as sexy however it is potentially more damaging — is that Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell were not running a sex trafficking operation in and of itself. They were running a covert surveillance operation using young girls and boys along with young women to entrap their subjects to cough up top-secret information.

See my earlier articles here and here showing Epstein’s ties to intelligence operations.

Why did it take so long in the Epstein saga to discover the Zorro Ranch in New Mexico?

What was Epstein’s fascination with science all about with his foundation? Not to spread his DNA to a master race as the papers purport?

No, at the Zorro Ranch is were the scientists who were working on bleeding edge technology at Los Alamos and Sandia nation laboratories could meet and be compromised so that Epstein and Maxwell could get the information needed by Israel and other clients.

Truth be told Maxwell is probably Epstein’s handler since her contacts in the Mossad and other national intelligence operations go back to her late father Robert Maxwell.

It would also not surprise me if Prince Andrew was a client for the top-secret intelligence operation as well. Why else would he not defend himself? Because in the grand scheme of things it is better to be an alleged pedophile than a spy on America.

The top secret information was certainly the prize that Epstein and Maxwell wanted, and they used the children as a tool to blackmail the scientist or a young lab assistant to entice the scientist if he was not compliant with the former.

So as best as I can figure, the release of the bold-faced names of Epstein “clients” will focus on the stars of Hollywood and Washington, but we will never know that Epstein did more scientific surveillance damage for Israel than the former US government intelligence analyst/spy Jonathan Pollard.