What is Janet Yellen's job?

So April jobs number came in at 223K, which was lower than estimates, but March jobs number, which was 126k, was revised down to 85k.

Enough initially to spook but not scare the market like a 85k number would have done. I’ll venture that April’s revision will take it down to 187k.

This economy is slowing to stall speed, the numbers are there.

In hindsight we will see that a recession began in Nov 2014 once all the numbers shake out.



So our national financial adviser Janet Yellen believes stocks and bonds are overvalued and that we should rebalance our portfolio.

The Fed’s monetizing $4 trillion to buy up bad mortgage and national debts and just now the Fed chair comes out and thinks stock prices are frothy.

The Fed’s QE operations made it cheaper for businesses to borrow money to buyback its stock and issue dividends, instead of growing or investing in their businesses so it benefits the economy.

You really can’t make it up. US businesses are doing what comes naturally.


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