Can Hilary walk the job recovery plank?

My colleague at The Post Jon Trugman had a great column this week on the anemic jobs recovery of the Obama administration.

Meet this economy’s new typical minimum-wage worker: She’s 36 years old, working full-time with a child and is the breadwinner in the family, it was reported by left-leaning Economic Policy Institute on the state of US employment.

Some other starting facts:

  • Incredibly, 89 percent of minimum-wage recipients are over the age of 20 — not teens flipping hamburgers.
  • Interestingly, 56 percent of those working for the minimum wage are women.
  • Many have children — 28 percent of those working for minimum wage have kids.

Now is this such a great jobs recovery? How can Democrats run on this platform? Can Hilary Clinton honestly say she will continue this “robust” economic plan?

It is obvious from the data that this is a key component of the lackluster economic growth here in the US.

No one in Washington can figure out why retail sales are cratering for the last 6 months. Commerce Dept. economists are scratching their heads wondering why the lower gas-prices are not showing up in other retail spending.

Well that 36-year-old mother can barely afford to put food on the table. She probably had a much better job in 2007 or 2008, that paid medical benefits and vacation.

Now it’s all she can do to make the rent each month and pray no one gets sick.

There is no future in a minimum-wage job, it’s a tourniquet to stop the financial hemorrhaging of family finances.

Here’s the question Hilary needs to answer, how many of today’s full-time employed could survive another economic downturn, which may be full-blown by September?

The only thing that is robust about this job recovery, is the amount of pain being felt by one-time middle-class families who are barely hanging on to their families and dignity.

Not a plank I think Hilary would want to walk on, but she could be forced to walk off of it.


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