Millennials get Supreme treatment

Give me a moment to pivot off of an economic subject to address the Supreme Court rulings this week.

The left-leaning high court’s ruling this week, while monumental, probably did more to bring millennials into the political process than the Obama election.

The rulings on the legitimacy of ObamaCare and upholding the right to gay marriage are two issues directly affecting these young people.

Government-sponsored universal health care will be a very important issue to the young people about to enter adulthood.

Sorry economic sidebar: Many of these millennials will be working in jobs that do not offer the benefits that most working Americans enjoy today.

And going forward I feel many jobs will not offer medical benefits for their workers, because of the rising costs. The salaries will not be able to cover the preminums for medical/dental.

To that end, our medical community will become further bifurcated. One medicine practice for the masses and another for the wealthy.

Access to better medicine will be limited by costs and ability to pay without insurance. Because if the practice accepts insurance, then they must charge a lower fee.

Most of these millennials will be on the socialist medicine track, which does not mean access to the best or quickest treatment it just means access to treatment.

And that will affect your quality of life, whether you know it or not.

Secondly the federal right to Gay Marriage. Many millennials see sexuality today as a spectrum. They do not see a great distinction between gay, lesbian, transsexual or straight.

Over the course of their early sexual lives they may experiment with different partners of differing sexual identities. Broadly speaking the Stephen Stills song “Love the one your with,” is the operating system for this generation.

So this law probably seems like a no-brainer to them.

What are the social and economic ramifications of these two rulings?

Gay marriage will probably not affect my life to any great extent, the same way other marriages don’t impact me much (except my own).

The ObamaCare law will have plenty of consequences and many will be unforeseen, but suffice it to say that as an American male who will be calling on the medical community more and more in the next twenty years for additional care this ruling will probably shorten my life span.

Well as long as everyone else is happy, that’s what socialism is.




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