Donald is playing his Trump card

Why is it that Donald Trump has so much momentum going into the first Republican presidential debate?

Little has been written on Trump’s economic plan with the exception of making America great again. But I say that not as a knock on the candidate or his team, but the journalists covering his campaign who only write of the jingoism of Mexican walls and such.

In essence, Trump’s economic policy is to undo most of the Obama Administration’s socialist measures.

It would take a huge turn of the wheel to the right to get the US back to center on policy and that’s Trump’s trump card now. He hasn’t laid out specific plans, just told the people in Iowa and New Hampshire — who have seen their world turned upside down over the last eight years — that it’s time the US government cared about your values and ideals.

This has plenty of resonance not only in the early caucus and primaries, but within the middle class of America, which has seen its ranks decimated by Washington’s actions to raise up the lower economic classes. Many will say the lower classes did not rise, the middle class was lowered. And that’s where Trump is finding a following.

Not to mention, that the field of 18 other candidates (sorry if I miscounted) have no one else who can stand out.

At this stage, its Trump’s to lose, really. If he shoots himself in the foot with another outlandish ‘Mexican’ comment it may not be so easy to survive this time. No his real problem is money.

He may say he has plenty, but there are boatloads of Koch Brothers and other very wealthy donors that can outspend him exponentially to put him down.

I believe it will be interesting for him to be the anti-socialist movement candidate, I’m just not sure the Republicans want to run that way, since most have made so much money under Obama’s economic and monetary policies.

In either case Trump may be the real deal, it’s just to early to call.


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