Shopping should always be local

While national retailers are having a dismal beginning to the holiday shopping season, Saturday is the most important shopping day of the season.

Grey Thursday and Black Friday passed with lukewarm response by consumers and Cyber Monday (which is archaic now, since most people have faster Internet connections on their phones than their workplace) is to come, but Saturday is Buy Local Day.

This is a something I practice year round. I make purchases as close to my front door as possible. Why travel 30 minute to buy a product, when that same item sits on a shelf down the block from your home? To save a few dollars?

Well if that store down the block goes out of business, the cost to your neighborhood and the value of your home could be far more costly than what you save at Wal-Mart or CostCo.

The trickle-down effect of a local store closing is far more dramatic to your immediate economy. The unemployment of locals who work there, the landlord not being able to keep up the property, and the closing of other stores due to slippery slope of neglected properties.

So shopping locally should not be relegated to one day a year, it should be the first choice for purchases all-year round.

Yesterday’s post on the NFL’s coming demise, struck a nerve with some readers, but overall it generated the all-time biggest audience for Gray’s Economy.

Lots of great comments and ideas both pro and con and I do appreciate you taking the time.

I will revisit this idea of the NFL being a very different organization 5 years from now, very soon.

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