ECB's QE move chokes Yellen's tightening narrative

Mario Draghi is about to become the Anti-Yellen. While the Fed chief was talking up a rate hike yesterday, saying it would spur growth as jobs and inflation expectations move higher.

The ECB head and former Goldman Sachs European exec, was set to announce a further rate cut, with an expansion of EQE by buying different instruments including stocks and extending the duration of the holdings to go out further in time on the bonds.

As US markets awaited this new shot of heroin, futures soared off of a -155 Dow point day on Wednesday on the back of Yellen’s withdrawal comments.

Let’s see how we finish today after Draghi unleashes the fire hose of liquidity.

It’s still unclear what motivated the Muslim couple to go on a shooting spree in southern California yesterday, yet it does not stop some from demanding gun control.

On Black Friday, according to FBI stats they were running a 2 gun background checks a minute totaling some 185,300 requests. This figure only includes purchases made at licensed dealers.

This record number of purchases for Black Friday came as a shooting and hostage situation was unfolding in a Planned Parenthood office in Colorado and a week after the shootings and bombings in Paris.

Personally, I am against any person or institution infringing on any human right.

The Constitution does not give me any rights, I already possess those upon birth. The Constitution limits the government’s ability to infringe on my rights as a human.

So to say I have the right to free speech or purchase a gun under the Constitution is absurd.

The one takeaway from the Black Friday sales record is this. None of the guns were gifts, these were personal purchases, which don’t need to be wrapped and placed under the tree.

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