'16 Election centers on globalists vs nationalists

As I laid out yesterday, the nationalistic movement sweeping across the US in the form of support for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is now picking up support across Europe as a result of the Brussels bombings.

England’s Brexit movement leaders are using the bombings as an example of why England should sever ties with the European Union. The closing of borders to free travel within the EU is also being debated.

Trump’s “Make America Great Again” centers on the premise that globalists have pillaged the US manufacturing sector, sending jobs overseas in the search of cheaper labor and increased profits.

Trump sees tariffs as a way of forcing jobs back to the US, by leveling the playing field with wages and access to markets. The various trade agreements like the highly secretive, newly passed TTP and Nafta among others will come under fire from a Trump presidency.

However with the global economy in the doldrums over the last six months as measured by the Baltic Dry Index, which is the bellwether for international trade and is at an all-time low levels, the globalist movement could already be dying on the vine.

But the free-traders will always want unfettered access to foreign markets, so do not look for them to give up any ground in their quests to squash Trump.

As I write this I see globalist mouthpieces hitting the airwaves on the business networks to combat the thoughts that isolation is the way to go.

Robert Hormats — ex-Vice Chairman at Goldman Sachs — now at Vice Chairman of Kissinger Associates after being in government as a trade chief, is telling anyone who will listen that he has never heard of any of Trump’s foreign policy advisers.

Look for more of this Trump bashing on trade and foreign policy as both Democratic and staunch Republican globalists try to beat back the Trump nationalism agenda.

The race is no longer a left/right proposition. Look at the rhetoric from the trade war point of view. You will see that the whole election centers on that, but few voters will probably ever notice.


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