The 'Know-Nothings' know Trump

So this Wednesday morning Republicans have their nominee — like it or not.

While the stories of discord within the party with Donald Trump is so overblown, very much the same stories of voters being sick of his candidacy.

This narrative is propagated by urban liberals and has little legs in vast tracts of the US. There are tens of millions of Americans sick and tired of the lack of opportunities and depressionary economics hitting them over these last eight years.

In US history, they would be called the “Know-Nothings”. This movement in the 1850s had a nationalistic bent against Catholic immigrants being controlled by Rome. The name came from their answer to a political question. “Who will you vote for?” the answer was “I don’t know nothing.”

You cannot discount the popularity of Trump east of NYC and west of Los Angeles. In the correct words of the candidate “It’s Huuuuuge.”

He is tapping into a nationalistic vein to reign in the globalist view of what’s good for the Corporate America — in trade pacts and off-shoring business — is good for America.

These Americans lost dignity and a way of life, as middle-class jobs went elsewhere. Taking lesser-paying jobs at Wal-Mart, McDonald’s or health care facility is stoking these fires.

The Wall is a metaphor for protecting America from a globalist view and being hog-tied to Wall Street. That’s what people see in a Trump candidacy.

Will that come to fruition? Probably not, since there will be plenty of negotiations now with the powerbrokers in the party. But at least it has a voice now.

This is what stock markets look like without the Bank of Japan intervening.

As Japan is in the midst of a three-day holiday, global equity markets suffer worse losses in two months without Bank of Japan intervention in the yen.

This is what our recovery is based on, intervention or easy cash or sell it off.


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