A letter to my daughter on graduation

Today is the culmination of my daughter’s undergraduate studies at Sarah Lawrence College.

The four years there have transformed her from a wide-eyed teen seeking a direction and challenge to life open to exploration and experiences, transforming into a woman with a view on life that is oh, so different from mine.

The idea of a Liberal Arts education is foreign to me as it doesn’t focus someone on a career path necessarily, but a life’s path. And her path is wide open with plenty of forks, which are all good.

My wife and I were fortunately able to provide my daughter with this education without burdening her with monumental student loans, which gives her a huge leg up on the start of her adulthood.

And I believe because of this she will have the opportunity to continue her exploration into grad school at Bard, which starts in a little over a week.

My belief — like most parents I assume — is there is much that my daughter is capable of and will achieve. I believe she will make a difference in the world, I look forward to experiencing that.

So today is the cap and gown ceremony and another “moving up day” for her in her life.

Congratulations, Lauren.

We are so very proud of the person you are becoming.


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