David Rossi's murder may go unresolved

As Italian authorities prepare to do forensic tests on how dead banker David Rossi’s body came to rest on the dark, dank alleyway behind the Monte Paschi headquarters in March 2013, a fresh round of finger-pointing is going on in the press.

The Italian investigators suggest that the person that approaches Rossi’s body — after he is lying there close to an hour calling out in pain obviously crippled in his legs from the fall — is a friend of his who was looking for the banker at the urgency of Antonella, Rossi’s wife.

The man in the alley who approaches the body could in no way be a friend or someone who wanted to help Rossi. He casually strolls up to the body and offers no aid or comfort or signs of loss.

It is a matter of fact interaction, which appears to this writer, that he knew he would find the body there and also knew he did not hear any pleas for help in some time and figured Rossi, 51, was dead.

The second man who never goes near the body is described by investigators as a security chief of the bank. He never goes to investigate? That’s part of his job, no?

There are further questions, which the Italian investigators do not answer:

  • Where is the security footage from the lone elevator in the 13th century building? Surely it would show who came into the bank that fateful night to visit Rossi.
  • Who are the images that appear in the alley roughly 4 minutes after Rossi landed? They stay in the shadows, but they can be seen. Rossi was alive then and although there is no audio associated with the footage, you can see his mouth moving. Surely the echo from this tight alley would have carried his voice to the palazzo, where they were allegedly searching for him.
  • How long does it take to search a palazzo? It’s a square surrounded by buildings on three sides. Stand in the middle and in five minutes you should be able to scan the area to see if anyone was there.
  • Who was David Rossi working with within the Italian government to be a whistleblower on the banking scandal that would unfold later on? Secondly, how come Italian financial investigators could not keep him safe, when he felt threatened by the perpetrators?

I have a keen sense that the Italian authorities will find nothing unusual in their fall-test dummy landing facing the building and will confirm the original cause of death as suicide, because to say otherwise could lead to opening up a can of worms that the police and banking executives  do not want to deal with.


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