The wolves in the hen house are getting chicken

On Tuesday in Manhattan top hedge fund execs gathered at The Pierre hotel to discuss how they achieve “alpha” which is a $5,000-word for profits.

Yet many of these money managers only cried the blues of what they see in the immediate future. The dire words out of the conference is the coming troubles in the markets.

Speaker after speaker from Ray Dalio to Carl Icahn to Paul Singer, all of who manage billions of dollars, see many bubbles bursting once the Fed begins raising rates and pulling liquidity out of the market. “It’s a very dangerous time for investors,” said Dalio who’s Bridgewater funds manage $154 billion.

So as though the industry can’t beat the returns of an S&P 500 index fund, these hedgies are worried that the punch bowl is being pulled away.

These are market pros charging 2% for managing your money and 20% on the profits, which hasn’t really been a problem lately since the funds are generating much in profits.

The wolves in the hen house are getting chicken.

What’s going on in the stock market? It’s all predicated on what the last Fed president or governor said.

Tuesday’s trading wiped out Monday’s gains, which tried to get back Friday’s losses, putting the Dow 410 points lower from last Thursday’s close.

Wednesday’s pre-market has equities flat as bond prices stabilized after broad treasury selloff.



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