My ironic weekend with Deutsche Bank

I just love irony, it comes out of nowhere and can  bring a smile to your face.

On the same day, Saturday, that my  New York Post video series, “Banker Suicides,” won a Streamy Award for Best Investigation Series, the central character in the story was indicted along with 12 other bankers on criminal fraud charges in a Milan courtroom.

Former Deutsche Bank Wealth and Asset Management chief executive Michele Faissola was among the bankers charged by the Italian authorities with cooking the books of Monte Paschi, the world’s oldest bank headquartered in Siena, Italy, to facilitate a merger with another bank.

Faissola is a common thread through the three separate suicides chronicled in the award-winning series.

  • Faissola had a professional and personal relationship with Deutsche’s risk executive William Broeksmith.
  • He also had legal dealings with the bank’s managing director in New York, Charles Gambino.
  • Lastly through the indictment, we see how he was involved with Monte Paschi at the time its chief communications executive David Rossi mysteriously jumped from his office window. Italian authorities have reopened Rossi’s case to determine if it was a suicide.

Karma, karma, karma can be a pleasant surprise, when you are on the right side of it.


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