Savor the holiday, no rush to shop

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving in the US, which markets the beginning of the holiday shopping season.

Brick and Mortar stores are seeing the worse run up to the season ever. Macy’s, Sears and K-Mart decided it was cheaper to close stores before the shopping season even began.

In a desperate attempt to lure shoppers in, many large retailers started their Black Friday pricing a week before. And Web etailers are not immune to the practice offering Cyber Monday pricing well in advance.

High-end luxury shops are also fighting the uphill battle of whether to discount or not.

Unheard of practices of providing pricing comparisons in shops where the rule used to be “If you have to ask the price…”  are occurring all along 5th Avenue in Manhattan.

So take the holiday tomorrow, I see no rush to buy your gifts early, during what my colleague calls Black Friday — Thanksgetting. By the middle of December the sales will probably be huge.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my readers.



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