What the President could do for needy Americans

I watched President Obama’s farewell speech from Chicago last night to see if he still thought I was among the throngs of Americans who were to blame.

The idea that as a white working male I have an unfair advantage and that I should be made to pay for this in order to benefit those less fortunate than I.

The other day I saw a story of the Georgetown University professor who wants people like me to have an IRA account, which stands for Individual Reparation Account.

The idea behind it is to repay for the harms inflicted on others by the American whites in history.

President Obama in his speech cited all of the great things Americans have accomplished in history from getting out of the Great Depression to winning WWII and having the greatest increase in wealth during the 50’s and 60’s. The president also quoted George Washington, and yet some will say that all this came on the backs of some Americans left out from wealth.

Even today, since I am “successful” — although I don’t feel it — I should pay more and more for health insurance so I can subsidize those without.

I believe this rhetoric is why the Democratic Party is where it is today. It demonizes the very people it used to represent. Working class union workers and the like, who aspired for more for their families.

Now it’s the party that represents those who want more from the government in the form of freebies.

Look in 2008 America voted for change and elected President Obama. The election gave him the Senate and the House majority along with most statehouses I believe.

However, with his early policies decisions he subsequently lost both the House and Senate and last year the Democratics lost the White House.

If that was not a repudiation of the direction of these ideas, I’m not sure what else to say.

I said this years ago and it still stands. With a stroke of a pen President Obama could have given millions of children a fighting chance to better themselves.

Why not allow a father figure into the lives of kids, whose family is on government assistance?

After all Obama has said his greatest achievement is seeing how well his two daughters have grown into young adults..

I understand doing so might be against the other agendas on the Democratic Party’s plate such as LGBTQ rights, but for decades this regulation of taking away benefits if there is a father living in the home has reeked havoc on these Americans.

Let’s not take from me, because you think I have it and I owe it to others less fortunate. No give them something that most of us had that allowed us to be “successful” an intact family to show us the way.


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