Beware the (pr)Ides of march

Eight years ago, I was not enthralled with out new president. I sensed that President Obama was not going to be an advocate for me.

I was part of the problem. I was a working white male, who needed to atone for past transgressions from generations past.

Despite this feeling I had no impetus to demonstrate against the election results. In hindsight, most of my fears and many more I had not envisioned came to be true.

Millions of my fellow Americans — who always tried to do the next right thing — were used as an ATM through higher taxes, higher medical insurance fees and near doubling of the national debt to fund his socialistic agenda.

Millions of other working Americans lost their way of life. Lost their jobs, lost their homes and many lost their families through the hardship they endured.

There is a reason why the US economy has not had an annual GDP level above 3% during his administration — the first president in modern history not to hit that mark.

The backbone of America — the middle working class — were decimated by Washington’s policies. At one point in May of 2010 more than half the counties in the US had more people on the public dime, through unemployment, food stamps or disability benefits.

So fast forward to the Inaugural protest marches. I believe it has little to do with rolling back Roe v Wade and more to do with the participants being taken for a ride by the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton only to be disappointed at the last-minute with a Trump victory.

Should the Trump administration push to abolish abortion, then take to the streets, I agree that is the American Way, but to claim that this settled law is in danger as the pretense to launch protests seems incongruent.


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