Trump's smoke-screen controversies

As we come up to the one month mark of the Trump Administration, the animosity within the country is at a  fever pitch.

The divide between the left, who have taken the title of unloyal opposition focused on the coasts, and the vast middle of the country.

While the left has the voice of the media, whether its Hollywood or Silicon Valley on West Coast or the print and TV news centered in New York, the right lacks the resources to stage a meaningful counter narrative.

Just look at any awards presentation whether it be last night’s Grammys or Golden Globes last month. The liberal entertainment community has used — and was encouraged — to lambast the administration.

This dynamic has had the White House playing defense, which it needs to understand is a losing game with many distractions taking it away from purpose. But these theatrics have also provided it with cover over some of its moves.

While the President campaigned on getting America out of “foreign entanglements” they have provided further military support to NATO on the Russian border in the form of troops and tanks. Another Trump platform was for financial reform diversity to allow middle class Americans access to capital to spur growth. What has come out of the Dodd/Frank reform, does not show that to be the case, even if you believe in trickle down economics.

Now looking at possible tax cuts, which have been delayed over appointment of Steve Mnuchin as Treasury chief, will be the next benchmark for the Administration.

We are told that meaningful announcements should be coming out in the next few days. Will the Trump tax policy focus more on corporate versus individual cuts in rates?

What we get from the White House for the American people will speak volumes of what to expect over the next 4 years.

I am going to suggest that this week’s narrative will put the White House on the defensive over another Ivanka/Nordstrum-type debacle to overshadow the tax policy plan out in the news cycle.

If you assume that the Trump campaign rhetoric was just that and the new boss is the same as the old boss, then corporate tax cuts will be far more lucrative than any meaningful personal tax cuts, then the new White House kerfuffle this week will be so even more over the top. I can’t even imagine what that could be, but the Sunday morning news show narrative was bringing up voter fraud again, which could be a hint of what’s to come.

At any rate, this ploy by Trump to get the left media to focus on nonsensical minutia, while moving through an agenda that goes against the allege “principles” the candidate espoused while he ran for office, has worked tremendously — to use a phrase — without much down side reported by the media.


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