Vegas shooting video shows no shots fired from Mandalay Bay suite

I really do not wish to go down a rabbit hole with this post on the Las Vegas shooting at Mandalay Bay, but I’m scratching my head to understand. A  Grayseconomy reader sent me a link to this YouTube video over the weekend and I just cannot figure out why it refutes the narrative of the local police and FBI.

In the video below you are looking at the stage with Mandalay Bay and the alleged shooters window behind the stage. At the 3:20 mark you begin to hear cracks and then automatic gunfire.

However, you do not see any activity from the upper floors of the Mandalay Bay.

At the 3:40 mark you begin to see people running out of the concert slowly at first and then panic ensues. All the time automatic weapons can be heard, but no muzzle flashes coming from the upper floors of the hotel, which remains in view for some time.

I’m no firearms veteran, but if the shots came from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay, I believe this Go Pro video should have picked it up.

Thanks to anyone who can possible explain this.


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