NFL, Goodell following flawed Hillary campaign

The NFL continues to lose yardage when it comes to TV ratings.

With much of the country mired in single-digit temperatures, many Americans found other things to do instead of watching Roger Goodell’s opening weekend football playoff games.Overnight ratings for the four Wild Card games fell by an average of 13 percent — with one game, the Saints-Panthers matchup, off a whopping 21 percent from last year’s viewer numbers, according to Nielsen.

The fall from grace was demonstrated on Monday when President Trump spoke at the annual Farm Bureau confab. When Trump mentioned blindly about certain organizations that allow disrespect for the flag — without saying anything about the NFL — he received a large and long round of applause.

Goodell is suffering from the same misguided advice that the Democrats listened to in the 2016 election. The commish is hardly out of his comfort zone of NYC or Los Angeles, where he hears the liberal chorus.

Goodell is blind to what most Americans in the “fly-over states” hold dear. And like Hillary, that’s unfortunate because that’s where the NFL is losing its viewers and its inventory of future players.

I know I have written much about this, but I believe the handwriting is on the wall for the NFL. Although the league will not admit to it, I think this year’s Super Bowl ad spend will not grow as large as in years past.

We will perhaps see a flat or slightly less revenue this year from the big game when compared to last year. Now the NFL will not admit that, because perhaps they will get additional revenue from a streaming of the pre-game or some other cash that it did not have last year.

But if we could scrutinize the number — which is impossible since the NFL is more secretive than the NSA with its books — I believe we will see flat to slightly down on a apples-to-apples revenue comparison.

So Roger sit in your Park Ave. ivory tower and pretend all is well, but maybe you need to take a “listening tour” on your way to Minneapolis for Supe LII to hear how people in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin and Minnesota feel about what you are offering.

Forget New Jersey, Michigan and Illinois, those states will only re-enforce the bad policy you are already following. Go ask Hillary.

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