Q-Anon’s bona fides with FISA abuse memo

Well I’m back after spinal surgery, although I should not operate heavy machinery, so I’ll write this post on an iPad.

Having the post-surgery time to just rest and research was very precious. I dove into the topic of Q-Anon, which is a military intelligence entity that posts on 4Chan and other esoteric bulletin boards.

The Anon part stands for anonymous so the true identity of the person or group is unknown but its access to White House has been demonstrated many times through photos as well as posting messages with identical phrases before the Trump Administration texts.

With those bona fides established, I feel some of this activity can give us some real insight into what is going on in the White House.

The latest position to verify Q-Anon’s position was writing about the FISA abuse memo prior to its release. Before Congress was to allowed to see the four-page Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act abuses outline showing how Democratic players perverted the Constitution during the 12016 election process and afterward on the president-elect, Q-Anon was pointing to this information as very important and would change the game.

It remains to be seen if the memo will be released to the public — it is up to Congress to allow for its release.

I believe there will be plenty of other important news events to come from Q-Anon.

Since last Wednesday morning when I went under the knife, bitcoin has gyrated between $10,650 and is printing a $11,090.

So the reigning in of bitcoin volatility has been continuing in its effectiveness. However the crypto news over the last three days shows there is still price resiliency.

The Coincheck hacking and moves against it from the Japanese government should have taken bitcoin down below its $10,000 price support.

So, let’s see if the price moves higher Monday since it was not hit so hard over the weekend.

2 thoughts on “Q-Anon’s bona fides with FISA abuse memo

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