Trump’s SOTU speech on unity will be short lived

Here’s my question after the State of the Union speech last night.

The unity that President Trump professed in his first SOTU speech will be short-lived after the White House releases the FISA court abuses memo.You could see that from the Democrats response to the speech. They called Trump and the White House a band of bullies trying to strong-arm the investigations into Russian involvement in the 2016 election.

The Democrats have a straw man argument, which will be revealed once the FISA memo is released. It is well over year and no evidence has been uncovered to say there is a smoking gun on Russian involvement.

However, we have Congressmen saying they were devastated after reading the four-page outline on the Democratic abuses to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act court filings to tap the Trump campaign.

The devastated reaction, I believe,  is because a sitting president (Obama) and the heir apparent (Hillary Clinton) knew the evidence provided to the court was a flimsy, paid for intelligence report that should never have been used to secure a secret warrant to spy on the Trump campaign.


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