Memo release brings Constitutional crisis against Obama Administration


As I wrote previously, the FISA memo was released Friday afternoon with little fan fare from many members of the media.

In a nutshell the memo shows that the Obama administration along with the Clinton campaign colluded to destroy the Trump campaign and even his administration after the election.

This is a constitutional crises as the Fourth Amendment states that it is unlawful search and seizure on an American citizen. In this case it was  an unpaid Trump campaign worker Carter Page .

There’s just no other way to look at this. The release of the memo is not the end of the story. No this is just the beginning of looking into how the Obama administration could be tried for treason and sedition as well.

Here is a simple timeline of the events for those who are not aware of what is going on:

An opposition research firm called FusionGPS had a former British spy named Christopher Steel write a “dossier” on Trump campaign’s actions with the Russians.

Steel had told people that he would do anything to get Trump out of the running for the presidency.

The “dossier” is then brought to the Democratic National Committee to get the report out and collect some cash. The DNC brings the “dossier” to the Clinton campaign to see if they can fund the “dossier”.

The Clinton campaign pays for the “dossier” through the DNC and then working with the Obama’s Justice Department used the “dossier” to get the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act court to issue a warrant to spy on an American citizen two weeks before the election. The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act was created in 1978 creating a secret court for the purpose getting a warrant to spy against an US citizen.

So the Obama White House working with the Clinton campaign went to the FISA court to get a warrant. It did not matter that all the people working to get this warrant from the Justice Dept. and the FBI knew the basis of the request was the “dossier” which was really a partisan opposition research.

The Obama Administration’s DOJ and FBI along with the Clinton campaign tried to get a FISA warrant two previous times unsuccessfully.

So the “dossier” which every member of the Obama Administration involved knew was nothing more than the “research” of a Democratic partisan spy, is an act against the Constitution. They lied to a federal judge.

The other shoe to drop with the release of the memo is the Mueller investigation into the influence in the election with Russian collusion and ties to President Trump.

These investigations need to be dropped since the probes was initiated because of the information in the “dossier”.

Look for Congressional hearings in late Spring trying to unwind what were the democrats in the White House and the administration during the 2016 presidential election campaign.


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