Oscar show narrowcasts to both coasts

I have to say, I could not watch much of the Oscar’s last night.

Just like previous recent shows the broadcast was the celebration of thought, which generally only resonate in US coastal enclaves on both coasts re: New York, Washington, San Francisco and Los Angeles, but excludes much of the rest of the country.

Republican views were bashed at every turn, with many of the digs seeming contrived and poorly executed. Whether it involved The Wall or Second Amendment.

It appeared to me that the initial focus of the award show was going to be a response to earlier charges that the Academy was #TooWhite.

People of color both African-Americans and Hispanics, were given prominent production pieces. The nominees for the best soundtrack appeared to be focused on that narrative.

The #MeToo movement was acknowledged — but given little production assistance as some of the women behind the movement were set off to stage left to give their experiences and wishes going forward.

I’m not sure if this was a choice because it put Hollywood in an unfavorable light or if the movement exploded too late for the producers to develop stronger imagery  for the segment. Either way it was noticeable and deplorable.

Interestingly some of the winning actresses and other film professionals I saw took matters into their own hands to address the injustices in their own right.

I’m sure the telecast drew fewer viewers this year — a trend that continues across many former tent-pole productions for the small screen.

I’m far more interested in the local ratings for the vast majority of the country. I’m sure Middle America voted strongly with a #NotMe by not tuning in, since they have seen this film before.

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