America rejects Spacey and Hollyweird

It is absolutely refreshing to see the American people have had enough with Hollyweird.

Last Friday, Kevin Spacey’s latest film, “Billionaire Boys Club,” opened in 10 theaters and made $126 gross. The film pulled in an estimated $425 for the entire weekend, according to an analyst’s estimate. The hot spot for revenue was Middletown, Conn with a top gross of $45.

The audacity of Hollywood to release a movie featuring Spacey, who has been accused of sexual assault with a minor as well as sexual assault, is beyond comprehension.

Spacey was kicked off of the Netflix drama “House of Cards” last year after the accusations came to light during the #MeToo revelations. Ironically after the long-rumored allegations became public, the actor came out and admitted he was gay, which did nothing more than anger many by equating the pedophilia charge with homosexuality.

Hollywood must believe Americans have a short attention span and that by releasing this movie it would be an attempt to normalize his abhorrent behavior.

Well there is not clearer answer to that question than roughly 12 people perhaps 13 paying to see this movie on Friday. Hell I get more views on this blog in the first 5 minutes of posting.


NBC News chief, the more you know

I keep hearing the name Noah Oppeheim coming up in different conversations and articles over the last week or so.

Oppenheim is currently the President of NBC News. He was formally senior vice president in charge of the “Today Show” until Feb. 2017 when he was promoted.

So right off the bat, Oppenheim was in the center of two of NBC’s bigger recent controversies. Matt Lauer and spiking the Ronan Farrow story on Harvey Weinstein, which propelled the whole #MeToo movement in Hollywood.

There were muted calls for Oppenheim to step down after the Matt Lauer sexual harassment story broke, as horrendous stories came to light from women telling of Lauer’s secret button on his desk to lock his office door.

As an aside, this seems like a lucrative business — installing remote control locks in media executive offices. It’s alleged that CBS chief Les Moonves had one as well. It must be boilerplate language in their contracts by now.

So getting back to Oppenheim, I was told to look into a Harvard buddy of his Franklin Leonard. He is the co-founder along with Dino Simone of “The Black List”, an annual publication featuring Hollywood’s most popular unproduced screenplays.

I’ve dropped a few names here and their connections to each other. I believe many of these names will be in the news very shortly as a major expose is slated to be published as early as this week.




Where are all the CEOs going and why?

After 12 years on the job Pepsi’s Indra Nooyi is stepping down from her post.

While this is notable for her accomplishments of keeping the company profitable in the face of sagging soda sales, Nooyi is only the latest company chief to step down.

There has been much turmoil in the C-Suites of corporations worldwide. And while this does not pertain to Nooyi directly over the last 12 months there have been more than 3,900 executives who have resigned their positions.

While comparable numbers are not readily available from the usual sources since then do not break out cause for exit, the 3,900 figure seems large for just resignations, not including retirement or moving to a new job.

Most of the resignations have to do with criminal allegations where charges may or have been filed. The #MeToo movement has claimed a minority of these resignations, but a vast majority have been over mismanagement of money either by the CEO or staff.

Not sure what to make of the 3,900 number, but I thought it worth noting it as we go forward. To keep an eye on the magnitude of the changes going on with corporations and possible ramifications down the road.

More NY political upheaval coming out of Allison Mack testimony

Sorry, went down a rabbit hole chasing some information that I could not stand up this morning and that’s why this post is late.

However, trust me on this, the Eric Schneiderman resignation will not be the last NYC-based resignation coming out of actress Allison Mack’s NXIVM probe as she sings like bird.

As Rudy Giuliani re-emerges on the Trump team, the body count of alleged corrupt politicians and law enforcement officials will begin to mount. These resignations will not be #MeToo in nature, but crimes even more heinous, along the lines of Mack’s human trafficking.

If I had to make an educated guess where these resignations or public outings will come from it would be the Federal Attorney’s office in Manhattan and possible Brooklyn.

Both Preet Bharara and Loretta Lynch formerly held the top positions in these offices and might have some information on why certain people were not charged with certain crimes for certain reasons. Hopefully that’s as clear as mud, but be certain people will have to answer for their actions.

I’ll leave it here for now, but will link to it when the story breaks in most likely the next week.

Oscar show narrowcasts to both coasts

I have to say, I could not watch much of the Oscar’s last night.

Just like previous recent shows the broadcast was the celebration of thought, which generally only resonate in US coastal enclaves on both coasts re: New York, Washington, San Francisco and Los Angeles, but excludes much of the rest of the country. Continue reading