Gun ban protestors are marching in place

The march for our lives that occurred on Saturday as a protest to semi-automatic rifles being sold in the US will probably have the same impact as the DACA rallies did in the fall.

A feel good moment for people who hate the president to gather together and voice their outrage with no fear of being confronted by facts. However like the DACA protests, this march will end like the parade in “Animal House” down a dead-end alley with nothing to show for it.

Because like DACA before it the Democrats in Congress will never sponsor a bill to curtail the Second Amendment.

On this issue, It’s two sides of the same coin. Democrats didn’t offer one gun-control bill when they had the majority in Congress and Republicans will not do it now either.

Remember DACA was all the rage in the fall. The outrage that the president wanted to ship out children born in America to parents that had no status here.

Well in the $1.2 trillion, 2,200-page omnibus spending bill signed by the president on Friday there was no mention of these children and their plight despite the bill being laden in pork for other Democratic congressional pet projects.

It’s not only the anti-Trump protesters that were duped by this rhetoric, Remington filed for bankruptcy protection Sunday night.

America’s oldest and largest gun and ammunition manufacturer — founded in 1816 — bet the ranch that Hillary Clinton would win the election and produced way too much product in the hopes that with the prospect of new gun law talk, sales would boom.

Well it appears Remington brought a gun to a straw man fight.

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