Trump & Thiel have high ground in Silicon Valley war

As I told you Mark Zuckerberg confessed Wednesday that 87 million users had their privacy violated in the Cambridge Analytics 2016 presidential election more than the initial reported 50 million users.

Interestingly, Cambridge Analytics claimed yesterday that they only “scraped” 30 million users.

Zuckerberg also said that all Facebook users had their data “scraped” or used by other third-party data firms. The Bergs (Sheryl Sandberg/Zuckerberg) were using these sales to bolster revenues that were lagging from advertising.

I still believe that Zuckerberg will be out of Facebook as the board of directors have to act to be immune to shareholder lawsuits over the share price crash due to Zuckerberg’s prolonged silence as the news broke.

Very interesting that Peter Thiel had dinner with President Trump at the White House on Tuesday. Thiel sits on the board of Facebook.

The question is was he sent by Facebook to quell Trump from bashing the Bergs or was he telling the president that Facebook is moving to toss out the Bergs?

Thiel is a staunch Republican, which is a rarity in Silicon Valley, and a Trump supporter who certainly has advised the president on the state of next-gen tech and its use against the president. Thiel spoke at the 2016 Republican Convention.

Thiel is the co-founder along with Elon Musk and Pierre Omidyar in PayPal.

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