When did America change into this?

Let me relate a situation that happen on a commuter train I was on recently traveling home from work.

This event happens on the Long Island Railroad traveling on the Port Washington line.This is an “affluent” train line on the LIRR. Many executives working in Manhattan use this line, which can get you into Midtown Manhattan in less than 30 minutes.

so I get on the train and sit. Soon after four white “men” (I”ll explain the air quotes later) sit down facing each other across the aisle from me.

In their early 30’s, I figure they work on a trading desk at a brokerage firm given their brief discussion about the day.

The conversation turns to when will the golf club open and where are they going on vacation over the Easter break from school.

Midway through the trip another guy (in the same cohort) enters the train car.

They know him and ask what’s up? He says there is someone acting strange in the train car he came from. No explanation on what he was doing.

At the first stop on the express train, the man “acting strange” enters my car to use the bathroom.

The trader who entered the car midway through the trip calls out to his friends, “I’m taking a Uber,” and gets off the train before his stop.

The four men — not knowing anything about the man “acting strange” — get up quickly grab their coats and scramble to another car.

These four “men” who ran from the car (and hence the air quotes) stand by the door in the other car and stare at the bathroom waiting for the man to exit.

I stand up to get off the train and finally am able to measure the man in question. He looks like he works in the building trades judging by his clothing and work boots. He may be Italian or Hispanic, just not sure. There was nothing about him that gave off any other vibe other than a fellow commuter going home.

Ironically, we all get off at the same station and get in our cars and leave.

Now, how did America become this coward state?

Four men, who historically would not leave a train car packed with woman and older men, run away despite having no evidence of trouble or violence, while the fifth one altered his commute out of fear.

This sorry event happens two weeks ago, but I just can’t shake their actions.

Is this the new definition of a man in the 21 Century? What a shame.

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