Very funny that some will not be able to say I Reddit

I don’t understand Reddit. What is the function?

I have been placing my postings on the conservative board for more than 6 months often getting more than 100 up votes for the posts.Well yesterday I posted as usual and received a message that I was banned from the board. Despite posting original content usually on a daily basis the moderator accused me of spamming.

If you are a moderator that cares enough on a subject to create a forum, why would you not wish to provide the subscribers with original content that is on topic?

Since I cannot post to that board, I am saying goodbye to all those who appreciated the content I provided and suggest following my blog to get daily updates on my writings.

Funny story moved yesterday on the wires with the headline below.

Morgan Stanley exits Morgan Stanley.

A banker named Morgan Stanley, left Morgan Stanley.

Mr. Stanley could not be reached to find out if his other names were James Patrick so he could go work for Jamie Dimon at JP Morgan.

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