Best Buy’s expiration date Jan. 2019

Amazon and Best Buy announced a partnership in selling TV displays equipped with Amazon’s Fire TV operating system.

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos and Best Buy’s CEO Hubert Joly made the announcement on Wednesday in a store near Amazon’s HQ in Washington state.

I give Best Buy until next Jan. before it either is taken out by Bezos as a brick & mortar storefront for Amazon’s product or declares bankruptcy.

Case in point, Amazon agreed to power Toys ‘R’ Us web site and e-commerce operations and then undercut Toys pricing on games and such forcing Toys to file for bankruptcy earlier this year.

Amazon’s business operations are so different from Best Buy’s that this end is inevitable. Bezos in his annual shareholder letter released Wed. stated as much. Bezos said that there are more than 100 million Amazon Prime customers.

The CEO — while extolling the virtues of the Amazon way of providing excellent service — never brought up the topic of workers peeing in water bottles in order to fulfill their quota of orders processed.

He did broadly compliment his workforce with: “Congratulations and thank you to the now over 560,000 Amazonians who come to work every day with unrelenting customer obsession, ingenuity, and commitment to operational excellence.”

I believe Mr. Joly will rue the day he teamed up with Amazon in order to keep his retail store doors open. But it will only last until after the holidays this year before he succumbs to the Amazon way.

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