Whether it’s Spring, it’s sweater weather

So here in NYC today we are celebrating Jan. 108, 2018.

The weather here is anything but Spring. I believe we will probably have a frost on the lawn to celebrate Earth Day this weekend.

Yes we have had twenty-minute windows were Spring reared its beautiful head, but overall the warming has been put on hold.

Everything in my gardens is retarded from blooming as a result of the daily frost and chill. The bees need plenty of sugar water as they can’t even forage dandelions to grab the traditional early season nectar.

It’s climate change in the worst way. While many will say its man-made global warming, I am beyond that believe for the simple reason that the biggest solution to the proposed problem resides on Wall Street.

Carbon tax and carbon credits are a revenue stream for environmental bankers. Pay $20 and you can feel better about running your car in the driveway to warm it up in the Spring.

Just look at the connection between Al Gore and ex-Goldman Sachs board member David Blood and the Climate Change exchange, where these credits are traded and “retired”.

While carbon credits are far more acceptable in Europe, I have received emails recently from outfits (a great word for a questionable company) suggesting I contribute to the carbon-reduction fund for my aggressive acts against Mother Nature.

Quite frankly, I believe we should fire up a few more Midwest coal plants to chase away the cold this season.

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