Rosanne Barr’s statements show the darker side of QAnon

On Tuesday I wrote about the QAnon movement and how the/these insider(s) were posting cryptic information from the White House.

Also later yesterday Rosanne Barr, who currently stars in the revival of her hit TV show “Roseanne,” tweeted about ex-President Barack Obama’s former senior adviser Valerie Jarrett being born of the “muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes,” which was soon after deleted.

Barr also questioned the relationship between George Soros and the Clinton family specifically daughter Chelsea being married to a Soros nephew (not true), while also labeling Soros a Nazi collaborator.

While none of what Barr wrote is acceptable, part of what she said is from misinterpretations of past Q drops. Valerie Jarrett was born in Iran to Africa-American parents working there at the time. There is no references to her being part of the Muslim Brotherhood.

And of course the George Soros globalist puppet master is infamous on some far right websites. However, I do recall seeing a “60 Minutes” interview in the 90’s with Steve Kroft where Soros spoke of his collaboration with Hungarian officials posing as a Catholic taking fellow Jews property as they were shipped off to death camps. Croft called Soros a collaborator and he agreed.

I’m afraid Barr took the low road in her tweets as she immersed herself in the backwaters of the Web listening to people who had misinformation and will say outlandish claims in order to get clicks.

QAnon has mentioned Soros or GS in about 20 drops since it began last October. Most of the missives are questioning his money moving around the globe funding liberal causes. Many look into the ties between the Democrats and Soros. QAnon alleges Soros money is behind Clinton’s presidential run and the subsequent Russia charges against President Trump among other allegations.

Barr, however, needed to be silenced or sidelined since she was picking up on the pedophilia charges QAnon has been dropping after President Trump signed an Executive Order late last year confiscating assets of those convicted of the crime among other initiatives against the horrendous act.

Barr appears to be well informed on the child sex rings in Hollywood as several earlier (now deleted) tweets suggest.

Obviously Barr needed to bounce her interpretations of these Q drops off some like-minded people, however I do not believe for one moment she will be silenced by yesterday’s actions by Disney to cancel her show.

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