FBI IG report will unveil Deep State to Americans, but just the tip of iceberg

The FBI’s Inspector General’s report is about to be released on the 2016 presidential race. Sen. Chuck Grassley has scheduled hearings before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday so look for a Friday/Monday release.

  • Part one of the report being prepared by Michael Horowitz will focus on ex-FBI Director James Comey and ex-FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe and the handling of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s private e-mail server.
  • Part two will reportedly center on Trump campaign advisor Carter Page and the issuance and handling of the FISA warrant against him, which allowed the FBI to spy on the Trump presidential campaign.
  • Part three is said to look into the FBI narrative and the naming of special counsel Robert Mueller to probe whether Trump was colluding with the Russians to sway the election.

Some of the findings from the report have already leaked out in the news media. The Trump campaign being spied upon by the FBI will be further addressed in the report. Wednesday’s news that McCabe gave a draft memo concerning the firing of his former boss Comey. Lastly, McCabe’s releasing “Flood is coming” classified memo to CNN concerning the alleged Trump/Russia connection.

In the end I believe we will see how McCabe and his underlings were all in on a Clinton presidential win and acted inappropriately to sway Comey to go after candidate Trump to ensure a 2016 win.

One alleged conspirator who has not been in the news for a while is former associate deputy attorney general at the DOJ Bruce Ohr. I bring up Ohr because QAnon mentions that not only did Ohr’s wife Nellie work for Fusion GPS, which produced the highly questionable “Trump Dossier”, which Bruce Ohr had oversight on working with Christopher Steele.

But QAnon answers a query on why Nellie Ohr applied for and received a Ham operator license as the whole mess was unravelling. He says it was to avoid NSA detection, but it failed.

So look for a treasure trove of information coming out of that since the participants believed it was undetectable by the government, the same way ex-FBI lawyers Lisa Page and Peter Strzok used Google Mail drafts on a shared user account to avoid detection.

I believe in the end, the Horowitz report will show how a faction within the DOJ and within the higher ranks of the FBI were doing anything they could to throw the election Hillary’s way and that Trump knew all along it was happening but could do little until after he won the election.

I’m also pretty sure that AG Jeff Sessions knew it was happening in real-time and that is why he recused himself. We shall see if that is so.

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