D-Day’s unintended consequences

Seventy-four years ago today US an Allied troops began the campaign to free Europe  from Nazi control. This day is marked by the name D-Day.

America’s greatest generation would push the German army all the way back to Berlin in the next 11 months to declare VE Day (Victory in Europe).

Today it is so hard to believe that Europe once endured two horrific world wars in the span of 40 years given its present day conditions.

Europe — since D-Day 1944 — has used economic ties with each country to quell the ambitions of any one member. Through the European Common Market to today’s European Union trade and commerce have replaced bullets and bombs. Trench warfare was thrown to the wayside for financial traunches of securities.

Nationalistic leaders were met with economic heartache by fellow member states to quell any thought of hostilities. Post-war Marshall Plan determined that Europe did not need anymore Holy Roman Emperors or empire builders like Napoleon or Hitler.

Well fast-forward 70-odd years and the pendulum has swung so far in the opposite direction that Europe is so pacifistic it is losing its culture due to uncontrollable immigration.

The very essence of being French, German, Italian, Greek, ect. is being pushed aside by a homogeneous, socialistic society, which is dying a slow death if you look at birth rates of its citizens versus its immigrants.

I would say the jury is still out on whether D-Day was a success for Europe in the longest view. Economically, what is the largest post-WWII accomplishment from Europe? German automobile exports?

Perhaps non-belligerence translates into economic malaise?

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