Comey’s legacy may be seen as a patriot

How will history treat ex-FBI Director James Comey?

The first draft is in the process of being crafted. Newspaper reports and his book are the first two legs. The OIG report, which probably will not be released until the middle of June, may provide the keystone to his actions.

Comey’s July 2016 announcement that the FBI would not be recommending criminal charges against Hillary Clinton or the campaign over the handling of the e-mail server is highly questionable for his breaking of the chain of command.

It wasn’t Comey’s place to make that statement. He should have said that he passed the report to Attorney General Loretta Lynch, who he reports to, to make the announcement.

Why would a career federal law enforcement professional break rank? Why would Comey then turn around 3 months later to say he was reopening the investigation?

As many of you know, I am no fan of Comey, but I’m coming around to think this man had no choice in his actions. As a career investigator Comey I have to say he discovered that people above him in the chain of command were compromised and he needed to take matters in his own hands for the integrity of the FBI.

For Comey to announce he was reopening the Clinton campaign probe just before the election he must have discovered he was played by the Obama administration. That must have been the feeling for him to know he was about to perhaps alter history with the 2016 election.

Historians will tell you 20 years need to go by before any event can be put into proper context. So my assessment is a wee bit early, but I believe Comey’s legacy will be that of a modern-day patriot who stood up for American principles against a corrupt organization in the Hillary campaign and a compliant Obama administration wishing to sweep all this under the rug.

It’s they only way I can judge his actions during those 6 months in 2016 as compared to the rest of his career. Stay tune for the OIG report to perhaps give a glimmer of light into this hypotheses.

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