Mr. Putin goes to Washington

Well the Trump treason charges by those on the left have died back to a murmur as the President offered an invitation to President Putin to come to Washington on the eve of the midterm elections in November.

Why is this significant? Well the meeting between the two leaders this week may have set up a dialog between the two countries on what they know about this “Russian collusion” fable.

If you look at the Trump/Putin press conference after their one-on-one meeting, then you see Putin offering Special Counsel Robert Mueller access to question the 11 Russians he indicted.Knowing of course that the indictments were a straw man move by Mueller.

There was also discussions about allowing Russia investigators to question U.S. ambassador to Moscow Michael McFaul and financier Bill Browder. The mere discussion of allowing Russia to question an American diplomat in a criminal investigation was a shot at the Obama administration and Clinton campaign. It will not happen but the threat or mere talk of it has the left quieting their treason rhetoric.

Putin also spoke of billionaire and Democratic supporter George Soros in not so glowing terms.

These comments put the”New World Order” globalists on notice that these two men are looking to put an end to this agenda. To out the hundreds of globalist players as frauds and much more heinous actors.

The Putin DC meeting in October may be the grand finale of a highly newsworthy late summer/early fall fireworks show that will may make the midterm elections almost a non-event for Democrats when all is said and done.



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