Must be too warm for Pussyhats to take on Hollyweird

I was talking to one of my columnist at The Post Thursday, and he pointed out the hypocrisy of The Left when it comes to Hollyweird.

So it being a Friday in August, I figure I could rift on this.

Remember the Pussyhats that gathered in large Democratic controlled cities in January of 2017 to protest President Trump’s soon to be inauguration? Where are they now that we know many of the Hollywood execs trashed the Women’s Movement on a daily basis.

You have Hollywood execs Harvey Weinsten  and CBS Chairman and CEO Les Moonves accused by multiple women of lewd acts by these men in order for these woman to get work. You have actress Allison Mack trafficking women in a sex slave cult, and yet all is well for the women on the Left as far as that goes.

Does anyone see huge crowds outside CBS headquarters in Midtown Manhattan, suggesting a boycott of their sponsors? No, in fact there are more people in front of Trump’s office down the block on 5th Ave.

While the charges against Weinsten and Moonves are only allegations at this point the same could be said about President Trump. Yet the Left’s outrage over Hillary Clinton losing was the torch that lit the fuse, under the guise of Women’s Rights.

However all you have to do is scratch the surface of Hillary Clinton’s life to find she has often surrounded herself with sexual predators

  1.  She married a sexual predator
  2. Her chief of staff Huma Abedin married a convicted predator and alleged pedophile in Anthony Weiner
  3. Weinstein was a major contributor to her campaigns and her neighbor in The Hamptons.

So I understand it may be a little warm outside for the women to put on their Pussyhats and take to the streets to protest Hollyweird’s mistreatment of women, but let’s be honest. It was never about Women’s Rights and sexual harassment, it was all about their team losing and they needed to vent their frustrations.

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