America rejects Spacey and Hollyweird

It is absolutely refreshing to see the American people have had enough with Hollyweird.

Last Friday, Kevin Spacey’s latest film, “Billionaire Boys Club,” opened in 10 theaters and made $126 gross. The film pulled in an estimated $425 for the entire weekend, according to an analyst’s estimate. The hot spot for revenue was Middletown, Conn with a top gross of $45.

The audacity of Hollywood to release a movie featuring Spacey, who has been accused of sexual assault with a minor as well as sexual assault, is beyond comprehension.

Spacey was kicked off of the Netflix drama “House of Cards” last year after the accusations came to light during the #MeToo revelations. Ironically after the long-rumored allegations became public, the actor came out and admitted he was gay, which did nothing more than anger many by equating the pedophilia charge with homosexuality.

Hollywood must believe Americans have a short attention span and that by releasing this movie it would be an attempt to normalize his abhorrent behavior.

Well there is not clearer answer to that question than roughly 12 people perhaps 13 paying to see this movie on Friday. Hell I get more views on this blog in the first 5 minutes of posting.

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