McCain’s legacy could take a major hit if unredacted FISA warrant is released

I find the timing of the death of Senator John McCain on Saturday curious as his family stated he stopped treating the glioblastoma on Friday.

Now I’m no expert on brain cancer admittedly, But McCain’s wife did say he died on his own terms, which could be taken to mean he passed by taking his life.

I bring this up because on Tuesday Justice Department official Bruce Ohr is schedule to testify before the House Oversight and Judiciary Committees behind closed doors.

Ohr, who had no direct responsibility in the investigation into Russian collusion case or Hillary Clinton’s email probe found himself in the middle of both investigations in 2015 through 2017, without his superiors allegedly knowing.

Ohr’s wife Nellie Ohr, worked for Fusion/GPS  on opposition research for Hillary Clinton’s campaign and more than likely helped Christopher Steele write and research the Trump Dossier suggesting the Russian collusion. Bruce Ohr and Steele had many conversations, both before the 2016 presidential election and afterward when James Comey was fired as FBI Director by President Trump. Steele asked Bruce Ohr if the insurance policy was still in place after Comey’s firing.

Now getting back to McCain, in his book, “The Restless Wave,” he states that he received the dossier in Halifax, Nova Scotia shortly after the election from a retired a British diplomat, Andrew Wood.

McCain ultimately turned the dossier over to Comey on December 9, 2016.

However there is another take on McCain’s involvement in the dossier, and that goes further back in 2016 before the election. McCain had unannounced travel to Saudi Arabia and London in the late spring of 2016, according to sources.
That travel and meetings held suggest that McCain had a more hands on involvement in the creation of the dossier and that all this can be verified in the unredacted FISA warrant for Trump campaign associate Carter Page.
Other sources point out this is why President Trump does not mention his name since the fall of 2017. McCain’s intimate involvement in the conspiracy to throw the election to Hillary Clinton.
Since Bruce Ohr’s testimony will be behind closed boors on Tuesday, I believe this is why President Trump tweeted last week that he would have to become involved in the Mueller probe by declassifying the FISA warrant in order to show who all the players are and their roles.


6 thoughts on “McCain’s legacy could take a major hit if unredacted FISA warrant is released

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  2. Pure speculation.

    The only evidence you cite is the redacted parts of teh FISA warrant for Carter Page… which, of course, you haven’t seen.

    That’s some top quality journalism there.


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